Andhika Gumilang : Stupid Indonesian Gigolo

Diposkan oleh Adriano Fereira on Rabu, 20 April 2011

You probably wouldn't recognized this stupid hunks, well because he wasn't famous at all. He is an Indonesia male model who also work as a actor, believe me even in Indonesia, this stupid hunks is unknown. In Internet there's a lot of about him like "Gambar Andhika Gumilang" or "Andhika Gumilang Telanjang". Its make me confused then, why peoples want this dumbo get shirtless?

For your information this 21 years old married to 47 years old woman named, Melinda Dee. So you can't tell that this men is a Gigolo. Melinda Dee herself get caught by Indonesian Authority because proved stealing City Bank's customers money. and now will live in jail. Meanwhile Andhika Gumilang, her boy toy will get questioned by police because he also enjoyed the money. For u know, this cowok seksi indonesia bought a new Ferrari car by Melinda Dee. Now this dumbo will suffer in street because his older wife already sent to jail. Good luck Andhika!

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